Creating brochures: 12 step-by-step Photoshop tutorials

Creating brochures is a lot tougher than most people think. If you are new to graphic design, there are actually a number of things that you need to consider before conceptualizing a brochure design. First of all, you need to ask your client what he wants to accomplish with the brochure, know the target audience as well as the message of the brochure. Next, you need to get the specifications of the brochure such as size of paper, stock type, trimming, folding, or special cuts as  as these will depend on the budget of the client for the brochure.

To get you started with the design, we decided to gather in a single post 12 very helpful and easy-to-follow tutorials on creating brochures mostly in Photoshop and some in Adobe Indesign. At the end of the post, we also featured some really amazing brochure design examples for inspiration.

Creating Brochures 01-Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop
This Photoshop Tutorial from PSDTuts will help you create a ready to print three-fold brochure from scratch using only Photoshop. This tutorial is ideal for beginners and for people who want to know more about print design.

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