Painting technique that pushes the boundaries of perception.

Looking at paintings, done by artists who have passion for what they do, is always a pleasure.  Art creates a response in all of us, either a happy or amazed feeling or even gloomy feelings, either way, we are somehow always left with a touch of  ‘Magic’ in our memory.

Alexa-Acrylic Self Portrait.

Today we found and interviewed Alexa Meade, she is a 23-year-old woman who grew up in the Washington, DC area.  Alexa has been crafting her skills with painting on living subjects as well as painting on inanimate objects. Take a close look at the Photo’s below and…yes, take a second look

The idea for painting directly on the subject has been germinating since August 2008. By May 2009, this painting technique evolved, creating the effect you see now. There are two series of paintings: “Living Paintings,” consisting of acrylic renderings directly on flesh, and “Living Still Lifes,” comprising paintings on inanimate objects. Many of my installations are a combination of the two.


My painting technique pushes the boundaries of perception, compressing 3D space into a 2D plane and effectively blurring the lines between art and life. Typically, when you look at a painting, you’re looking at an artist’s interpretation of the subject painted on canvas. In my artistic interpretation of the subject, I paint directly on top of the subject I am referencing rather than using canvas. Essentially, my art imitates life – on top of life.  For example, with Portrait of a Self-Portrait you are simultaneously looking at a portrait I painted of myself, a photo I took of myself, and at me.

My projects spin reality. A major concept I have applied from my experience in political communications to my art is that what one experiences cannot always be interpreted at face value; seeing is not necessarily believing.  By wrapping my subject in a mask of paint, I skew the way that the core of the subject is perceived.


Click the images below to take a Closer Look!

You can find out more about-and contact Alexa Meade over: Here AM-photostream   or  HERE… @ her website 


Thanks Alexa and The Best wishes with your Expositions!


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