Used Tires: Recycled Tire Rubber Art and Design

I was looking for topics on “Recycling and Inspiration” and came via weburbanist across this article about Tires and the re-use of it. Simply great examples can be found and even better works of Art. You decide:

(Images via mo_metalart, thememagazine, artnet, nymag)

Animal sculptures made out of tire are surprisingly fluid and realistic. The natural texture of tire rubber lends itself to such designs, and can replicate cords of muscle when shaped by a skilled hand. 


Tires are boring. Except for the occasional horror experienced when one bursts or hits a nail, they’re simply an additional expense f or your car. It’s amazing then, to see how many uses, both functional and aesthetic, that hard rubber can be bent toward. Here are some of the most innovative and artistic recycled tires you’ve ever seen:

(Images via ps1, uberreview, found shit, housewife splinder)


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