Passionate & Inspiring Photographs From Artist: Elizaveta Porodina

 “”Inspiration is energy that never ceases to stun me , to amaze me, to make me move on in the right direction, this “Woah,i can’t believe someone has created something so great and powerful – I want to achieve this, too!” –feeling.””

She is young, she is passionate about her work- and you can just tell by looking at her Photographs that she has the Art X-Factor …..and it is exactly that what i am looking for in artists who i like to know more about.

Eliza, or Elizaveta Porodina to be exact, is a Photographic Artist who i happened to ‘meet’  :)…I saw her work and was immediately touched by her way of translating her passion into Photographs so refined that i had to find out more about her and her background and her mindset….usually she works with  Fashion-designers or  Musicians who contact her about their project and if it is something she can identify with a collaboration comes into existance.  (Contact-Info for Eliza can be found under this article)

So here: do read -and enjoy this quite in depth and open-interview with Eliza.




1. Please tell us a few words about yourself.

Well, my name is Elizaveta , but my friends call me Eliza. I am 23 years old, I live in Munich, though my hometown is Moscow. I came from Moscow to Germany when I was 13 years old – which definitely has formed me as a person.

I am also  a fashion and people photographer and a student of psychology in Munich. I am passionately in love with movies, fine art and  experimental music (and talking about these). I like cats, dark chololate with coffee in the morning, the night life (and I don’t mean clubbing, just how the city looks and feels at night), winter and snow and all kind of celebrations which demand disguise.  


2. How would you name your photography style?

I guess it is a mix of art photography, fashion photography and sometimes surrealism or even comic art. I really don’t know.I guess this is a question that should be answered by someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge about different styles.


3. What is the oddest-nicest- and most hideous description of your work you’ve ever  heard?

 The oddest one came from a boy who said that my photographs calm his cat. (Which is not really a description, but is definitely odd enough).

 The nicest was the one that came from a photographer from Rome  – he wrote a very long critique about a serie of mine  in Italian (a language i don’t speak, unfortunately) – it sounded so beautifully  in the original language that after all, I did not really want to translate it.

Seriously- I guess I like when people say that they are touched by my photography, that a picture influences their emotions somehow.  

The most hideous – hmm, that’s hard because I tend to forget bad critiques. J There was a guy in a russian forum about photography who commented on the gold project in a very dirty, sexual way – it did not only offend my idea, but also my friends who were models for the project.


4. What are your most favourite works of yourself,  and why?

 I like the King Volcano and the Prayers for Rain series very much;









Prayers for Rain

 I guess I see some weird ambivalent emotions in the facial and body expressions that make me truly believe in the existence of the stardust civilization I’ve created in the GOLD PROJECT.





 5. What does inspiration mean to you? And where do you get it from?

 Inspiration is everything. Inspiration is energy that never ceases to stun me , to amaze me, to make me move on in the right direction, this “Woah,i can’t believe someone has created something so great and powerful – I want to achieve this, too!” –feeling.

I get my inspiration from everything and everyone,but mostly from people. I walk through the streets with a manic “Is this place a possible location? Is this girl a good model” way of looking at things. I try to think in many different directions , get to know different ways of producing art. I watch a lot of movies, I analyze pctures, I read books, I talk to people about my ideas.


6. Who are your influences?  What Artists inspire you? Can you show example of…?





Alberto Giacometti:



The Cure &  David Bowie





7. Are there any Art-Photography-styles you would like to try where you have not yet tried?

Of course – for example, architecture of landscape photography is something I’m just nor really interested in. (yet).


8. Do you have any tips for other Artists and Photographers in general or specifically?

Trial and error, practice, practice, practice. Trying to become a more open person. Being open for everything, every kind of contact, every kind of idea, posing. Don’t call anything crazy – it could make a good photo. 🙂


9. Is there one Photograph which holds a very special memory for you, could you show and tell why?

There is a picture I made of a friend of mine. She is an actress and definitely the bravest person nI have ever met. Some people would probably call her completely nuts, but that’s what I love her for. J One day we decided to take some pictures spontaneously on the roof of the house she lives in. When we started, I recognized that I did not really like the landscape – it was too “normal”, too boring somehow. That was the moment when Simone said “would it help if I climbed on the chimney and posed there?” It was a stunning, but also an extremely dangerous idea as the roof (or the chimney) were absolutely NOT safe. There she was, standing on the small narrow chimney, throwing herself in amazing poses- a demonstration of the total lack of fear. It is definitely one of the most beautiful memories I hold from a shooting.


Eliza, I want to thank you veryvery much for sharing your inspiring insight into your live and fcourse for the interview…I am sure you’ll continue with succes and passion and i wish you all the Inspiration in the world 🙂

XO  Hester

Oh, and here are some more photo’s of Eliza which i find personally very Arty:









Contact info:

Websites etc :!/elizaveta






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