water calligraphy device at beijing design week 2011

water calligraphy device at beijing design week 2011.

‘water calligraphy device’ by nicholas hanna, on exhibition during beijing design week 2011
image © designboom

‘water calligraphy device’ by canada-born, beijing-based media artist nicholas hanna
reinterprets the chinese tradition of using a water brush to write poetry in public spaces
by transforming a flat-bead tricycle into a poetry-writing device.

in beijing, these tricycles are a common form of transportation, adapted by residents
into everything from carts to traveling market stalls. hanna’s ‘water calligraphy device’
uses a computer, mounted on the handlebars, to transmit passages of chinese literature
to an electrical system and array of solenoid valves. each character is converted into a dot matrix,
to which the valves synchronize the release of droplets of water as the tricycle moves forward.
thus as the device moves forward, passages of text appear behind it, only to gradually evaporate
just as in traditional water brush painting.

‘water calligraphy device’ is traveling through beijing’s historic dashilar district
through october 3rd, 2011, as part of beijing design week.

video courtesy of nicholas hanna

the project draws from the chinese tradition of writing calligraphy in public spaces using a water brush

view of the device in use

closer view of the characters

the tricycle leaves poetry in its wake as it travels through the neighborhoods of dashilar, beijing

view of the solenoid valve system
image © designboom

for more head over here : http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/10/view/16848/nicholas-hanna-water-calligraphy-device-at-beijing-design-week-2011.html

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