“Surreal” sculptures of Fine steel-wire : Shi Jindian

Shi Jindian

Born: Yuxi City, Yunan province, 1953

“I don’t like hard, heavy materials like bronze, stone and clay. I have a fondness for fine and delicate things.”

Shi Jindian

Say sculpture and most people think of something solid and opaque. Shi Jindian’s sculptures are made of steel, yet they are light, transparent, almost ethereal. After searching for years for “a material that was brand new, completely untraditional”, he settled on steel wires. By trial and error, he learned how to crochet the two-dimensional strands into three-dimensional forms, using tools of his own devising. His wire meshes start out as wrappings around some common object. When the mesh is complete, Shi Jindian destroys or extracts the object, leaving only its steel exoskeleton. The result, he says, is a kind of fiction, a virtual reality that can be walked around and touched.

Shi Jindian

Surrealist René Magritte painted a pipe along with the words: “This is not a pipe.” Shi Jindian does something similar in sculpture, making not-quite-replicas of items from musical instruments to machines. His Blue CJ750 (2008) is a replica of the Chiangjiang [Yangtze] 750, a military bike based on a pre-World War II BMW. It took him three years to make, but he found deep serenity in the toil. When people touch his sculptures, he says, they also touch “the state of mind that emerges from the labour of my hands: tranquillity and calm”.

´Saint of Saen Swan´-Sculpture, is inspired By the Soul of this song:

Shi Jindian

Shi Jindian

Shi Jindian

Shi Jindian

Birth no.1 and birth no.2 Shi Jindian

There is going to be an exhibition from Shi Jindian on 09-09-2010 more info click here: 

Contemporary by Angela Li gallery is proud to present “Fabrication – Shi Jindian Solo Exhibition”. On show will be more than 10 works of sculptures, paintings and installations.

There are in Total 3 dealers, who handle the Selling of Shi Jindians’ Works of Art, they are:


A Thousand Plateaus Art Space (Chengdu, Sichuan, Beijing, China)


Andrew Bae Gallery (Chicago, IL, USA)

3. Contemporary By Angela Li (Hong Kong, China)

For more information You can view this website:


This website.

I absolutely hope to see alot more from Shi Jindian, as these works of Art are not only a pleasure to watch but also, to realise how much time, energy, passion, and above all: patience, went into them. ..Just-Wow!
Good Luck Shi Jindian and all my respect.