Incredible portrait sequence by mentalist Derren Brown

Oooh, finally i can bring you some really exciting Art, from someone i truly truly truly (did i mention truly?) muchly so, adore!…not just because he is such an incredible painter but also because of his Mentalist capacities (really go watch it on youtube if you haven’t already, utterly scary sometimes but Genius beyond belief), the books he has written, television work he is doing…and ofcourse not the least: because of the Lovely-gentle-sweet and funny person he actually is.
 So, for my Blog-visitors, read on and enjoy: Many people still don’t realise that Derren Brown isn’t just the world’s greatest mentalist. He’s also a bloody good painter too. The following sequence shows how accurately he manages to capture Dame Judy Dench from a photo in a matter of hours.
 On his Blog derren writes, next to his incredibly busy touring schedule, about his everyday wondering and musings…
Derren Brown 2010

With some afternoons at home, I’m finishing a new portrait – a second one of Dench – still not quite complete but I’ll finish it when I can and get it up on the art site for general availability, prints etc. Brand new easel too: my old one cost me a few quid from a Bristol Oxfam many years ago – I finally treated myself to a great big easel with a crank and everything – just wonderful.


 A few days later he writes:

As some of you have asked, here is a sequence of images showing how ‘Grande Dame’ was painted. It’s still yet to get it photographed to best reflect the original, but when I do I’ll put it on with prints for sale.

As ever, acrylics on canvas, this one 5 foot x 5 foot.


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I’m quite happy to tell you that in the near future there will be more Portrait-sequences done by Derren if there is enough interest for it. He himself still sees it as a hobby but many including my good self, think he has greatly matured (eventhough the term ‘matured’ is greatly subjective in itself) as an Artist and in his painting style (He is just Good!)….so i’d say: Please, bring it on Derren! 🙂 xx

 Here follows a list of links to Derren Browns’ Work:

To visit his Art-site go Here:  Art-site

For his Blog go here: Derren Brown Blog

For clips about his television work go just hit youtube and type derren brown. (it’s too much to list! 🙂 )

For his books go here:  Portrait book and Books about Mentalism

For audio material go here:  Audio and dvd’s via Itunes

For even more proper info about him go here: (wiki)

Photographers Wanted for Exposure

EXPOSURE! is an international search for inspired photography dedicated to exposing emerging talent from around the world.

head over here to enter:

One Grand Prize winner will be awarded a Manhattan gallery reception, international publicity and their choice of $10,000 cash or 1 year living rent free in a $1.2 million dollar apartment provided by The Edge in New York City.

The panel of judges includes Photographer Lauren Greenfield, New York Times Photo Editor Maura Foley, MoMA Curator Nora Lawrence and JPG Founders Derek Powazek & Heather Powazek Champ.

The public will also cast their vote and the highest rated portfolio will receive the People’s Choice Award.

Deadline for entries is May 28, 2010.

Rain Drum Makes Walking In The Rain An Enjoyable Event With Entertaining Music

raindrum umbrella

Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features drums with various kinds of sound outputs, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. When playing a drum, the hi-hat, crash and tom-tom needs a high frequency of drumstick play to make the range bigger, whereas, the bass and snare requires a lower frequency for a smaller range of sound. To meet these requirements, the shade of the umbrella contains five wax cloth made shades with different elasticity that makes different sounds with the fall of every raindrop.



Designer : Dong Min Park 


see more over at:

Best of Adobe Illustrator Brushes:

  40 sets totalling  over 1700 (!!) Free-illustrator brushes:


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For a list of many-many-more Brushes to download, visit:


Delicious Examples of Sandwich Art

It shows that, not only with photoshop or with paint and ink…, creativity has no limits!

Over at webdesignersdepot zoe ajiboye compiled an amazing list of sandwich art

For more delicious examples:

Get Hired: 15 Best Job Boards for Freelancers

People over at 1stwebdesigner have been so friendly to compile a post with links to the best freelance sites…here are a few of them and click the links to find more…


Nowadays financial issues seem to be a common problem, with everyone complaining about what difficult situations they’re in and how they have no money. Freelancers face the same problem as all other people. Projects are fewer, payments are very low and the request for work is enormous. To help freelancers in their search for work, here is a list of opportunities for everyone.

freelance designer job board


Even if a quality logo requires a lot of time and work (including research, sketches and drawing) here a logo can be ready in 48 hours (but a competition can last as long as 6 days). A customer writes some lines about his project and the freelancers submit a jpg picture of their work. At the end the customer selects the winner which gives him the original format of the logo.They take a flat commissioning of 29$ for each project, which is paid by the client. The designer is paid via PayPal.



Too few projects, this website and the concept itself are good but need some ads and promo.

freelance designer job board


In my opinion this website is the best. Here the process is like the one at 48hourslogo. There are a lot of projects, the filters are perfect and the prices are high. Here you can find some of the best designers in the world. Also the blog gives you a lot of resources. A few months ago they started a new concept: a freelancer posts his work, a customer likes it and buys it. The freelancer then customizes the project depending on the demands of client. Interesting right? If you are the winner, then depending on which way of payment you agree upon ,it is possible you will have no fees to pay or in the worst case no more than 25$.



The website is only for designers, I believe that this platform will be the best once it has jobs for developers too. I hope that the team of 99designs will read this article.


freelance designer job board


In my personal opinion a place that allows you as a freelancer to present a portfolio is better than one without this feature. I listed Coroflot because of this option, even if it is useful only for designers.




Many projects are only for developers.Another con: in order to post a job here you have to pay a lot (265$) and freelancers are free to bid.




freelance designer job board



This is a huge place with a lot of jobs. This website presents a great advantage: the jobs are from various domains as: websites, IT, mobile phones, writing, content, design, engineering, science, sales, and business. All the jobs are very clearly categorized so it is very easy to browse and find out what tasks you want. The pay is good, depending on the complexity of each project.. Freelancers need to pay 10% or 5$ of the total funds received and gold members pay only 3%.The system for employers is very variable depending on their preferences.



On the downside there is no blog or collection of articles to help you in your activity as a freelancer (tips &tricks).