Tell the Time Using Only Your Breath

Wouldn’t it be great to feel powerful, at least as far as your gadgets are concerned? The Eole watch is a timepiece designed by Julien Moise that works under the user’s own breath power. The delicate rotating bit moves with nothing more than a gentle puff of air from the wearer’s lungs.

While the watch’s parts are sitting still the display is blank. But when the wearer exhales, the tiny rotor turns and enough electricity is generated to turn on the delicate-looking display for a moment, giving you just enough time to see whether you’re late for that appointment.



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Scientific Scans Show Natural Art Inside of Human Bodies

CT-Scan Art

The human body is truly a beautiful thing. But a radiologist in Hong Kong is giving us a view of that beauty that we’ve never seen before. Kai-Hung Fung, working at Pamela Youde Nethersole Easter Hospital, uses CT scans of patients’ body parts, adds color and creates some of the most unique medical art ever.

Fung’s art uses a technique to add color to the pictures that he created himself, which he calls the “rainbow technique.” Other than adding color, he lets the images stand on their own strength without altering them. He has said:  

My goal is to preserve the direct relationship between the data and the artwork. It is a true integration of art, science and technology and can be studied both scientifically and enjoyed as a visual art.

The profits from the award-winning art are all donated to charity.

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