Guide to Making a Stop-Motion Video

Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion is a unique filmmaking technique that allows you to make your own movies by using a conventional digital camera and many individual pictures. A movie, in essence, is a bunch of frames (pictures) strung together and played back at 24 to 30 frames per second (fps). The higher the frame rate, the smoother the action will appear in the final movie.

A stop-motion films works the same way. Numerous pictures (frames) are shot with subtle changes between adjacent frames. When played in its entirety, the frame to frame changes convey motion. Like an animated cartoon, the animator must draw out each frame with minor changes.

Make a Stop-Motion Video using These Tips

Get Organized: Have an Outline of Your Ideas

The very first step to any movie is creating an outline and/or storyboard. Visualize the action and how you want the movie to look like. If you can’t clearly visualize it, how do you plan to shoot it?

Determine How Long You Want Each Scene to Be

By gauging the length of each scene and the frame rate of the movie, you can estimate the number of frames you will need for each scene. Say you want the movie to be a smooth 15fps. That means for a 10 second scene, you will need to shoot 150 frames!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Plan ahead. For the sake of continuity, shoot each scene in its entirety before taking a break or coming back. The extra effort will show in the final movie. By allowing more time for your project, you also minimize the chance of making mistakes which will be very apparent from frame to frame.

Use a Tripod and NEVER Move the Camera

An absolute must for stop-motion is the use of a tripod. Setting the camera on a table is just not going to cut it. Any slight bumps or shifts in camera position will completely kill the flow of your animation.

Keep Your Exposure and Lighting Consistent

If your camera has it, use the manual mode (M on the dial). Manually set your aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance and lock it down. As previously stated, subtle changes will stick out! The same goes for lighting, shoot in a consistent environment, preferably with artificial lighting since natural lighting has a tendency to change throughout the day, both in intensity and direction.
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Here are some examples of Stop-Motion clips:

Painted-On Hand Animals

In fourth grade, everyone I know used to draw a mustache on their pointer fingers. By bending the finger underneath their noses, these kids could make it look just like they had a mustache. We’ve come a long way from that time. Mustaches are great and all, but it’s just cooler to have an entire elephant. These hand paintings are the top of the line.


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Incredible photos of animals

We would like to present 70+ great photos of almost each species of animals. Collection of photos of pets, as well as photos of completely wild animals. Amazing!


Free Dark Grungy Fonts and Textures

Grunge fonts and textures are used in a wide range of web and graphic designs.


There is much less of a limit when it comes to using these elements, and they’re a great way to make any of your web, graphic, or print designs stand-out. Some of these fonts or textures may seem useless as a standalone, however, once meshed with a beautiful idea, who knows what can happen.

Here we have a collection of over 50 dark grungy fonts and textures for you to use any way you’d like!


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A Free Sophisticated Premium Peel Over Icon Set

Someone over at creativenerds has been working on a load of icon sets over the past couple weeks, this is one of the great icon sets we have made available to download exclusively from Creative Nerds.  18 high quality icons for you to download which are available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

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Truly Stunning Examples of HDR Photography

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wider dynamic range allows HDR images to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight. Today, we are showing you 35 Truly Stunning Examples of HDR Photography. I appreciate to all those talented photographers who captured these excellent pictures with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these creative wonders from their creative eyes. This list is not long in numbers but I promise you that when you start browsing them in details it will surely refresh you. These are the wonder creations of photographer who used their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.

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The Many Faces of Nazaury Delgado

Nazaury Delgado is a digital artist from the Bronx who uses Photoshop to create evocative and surreal images.

He begins the process with a photograph of himself or others, which he then overlays with another photo collage. The entire composition is then faded together to make the final product.

Delgado is nineteen years old and is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology on a full scholarship.

While he was a participant in an arts program for at-risk teens in the Bronx, Delgado’s teachers were amazed when they saw the digital photographs that he had created on his iPod Touch.

One of them, Neil Waldman, said of his art that “There are some people who have an innate ability to create spectacle, something innate that you can’t teach.”

In this post, we’ve compiled some of his most exceptional works that are sure to inspire you… Further information and links can be found below the image collection.

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